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We are a small team right now, Jared handles most of the work. But if you're here for anything audio, Jordan and Jose are the ones that will be working on your project, guided by Jared. We're also looking for some more team members, specifically in sales. If you're looking for a job that consists of working mostly from wherever you choose and with no set hours, click right here!

Jordan Nanasy

Audio, Recording, Strategy

Jared Nanasy

All Things Except Audio

Jose Rodriguez

Audio, Recording




We are an idea's company that has the ability to put those ideas into action to help start, maintain, and grow your business. We are innovative, futuristic thinkers and we like to bring this to our projects. But our real focus is getting to know you as a person and what is at the heart of your brand. We want to be able to develop a real relationship with our clients, and that is at the heart of what we do.

Now enough about what our mission and what we do, you need to learn about us, who we are as humans, and why I started Wolderman Creative.

Wolderman was born out of my passion for creation. I have always been a creator since I was young; from taking apart my various toys and trying to put them back together to building boats out of various pieces of materials (what I call trash today) and seeing if they would float in the bath tub. At that time i was just having fun, but what I didn't realize is how that was shaping me into the creative I am today.

Wolderman really grew out of me following my other various pursuits from starting a watch company, to building and selling an online home roasted coffee shop, as well as following my passion and hobby as a photographer and videographer. As I worked on these pursuits, I did almost everything myself; from the websites, to finding suppliers, to the graphic design, photography, and most things in between.

But I didn't feel quite whole while pursuing these. I felt to cluster and that I wasn't really helping others. Something was missing, and I needed to figure out what it was. So I took some time and thought about all the skills I have learned throughout my life and I happened upon the idea of creating websites for other people and small businesses.

Well, that was one of my better ideas and is where Wolderman Creative was born. I was putting my creative skills to use, while helping other build there passions as well. After doing just websites for a while, I started branching out into more creative fields which has done wonders to push Wolderman Creative and myself to where it is today.

I see only bright things in the future and hope that you can join me on this magnificent journey of modern brand building!

- Jared Nanasy

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